Over 10 weeks this summer, Center of the American Experiment will release a package of wide-ranging policy recommendations aimed to enable all Minnesotans to thrive in their personal and financial pursuits.

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Blueprint Summary for Policymakers

Blueprint Summary for Policymakers now available!

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What is prosperity?

Our policy recommendations will mirror Center of the American Experiment's long-held commitment to helping our elected officials enact policies that promote a culture of prosperity for all Minnesotans.

To us, economic success represents only one aspect of a culture of prosperity. It includes a whole array of benefits that help Minnesotans achieve a rich and fulfilling life. It begins with enabling all Minnesotans to raise their families in a safe and healthy and fulfilling environment. It also includes opportunities and incentives for self-actualization and personal enrichment that rewards for hard work, personal responsibility and individual initiative.

It means access to jobs — well-paying jobs.

Quality jobs are the foundation that sustains our culture and our economy. Minnesotans believe in work. Work contributes to the sense of dignity and self-reliance that is the best-known antidote to entrenched poverty.

Someone once said "Work is the elixir of life." We've also heard it said that the best housing policy is a job, that the best education policy is a job, that the best healthcare policy is a job, and the best family policy is a job.

We agree

Blueprint Topics


Moving people and commerce where they want and need to go.

By Fritz Knaak & Amy Roberts


Securing retirement benefits for current and future public employees.

By Kim Crockett


Educating Minnesota students for tomorrow’s jobs.

By Mitch Pearlstein


Supplying competitive energy rates.

By Bill Glahn


Strengthening families by strengthening marriage.

By Mitch Pearlstein


Delivering higher value to taxpayers.

By Peter Nelson & King Banaian


Unleashing Minnesota's Job Creating Potential

By Ted Risdall & John Gaylord


Aligning taxes with economic growth.

By John Spry


Planning for growth in the entire Twin Cities region.

By Katherine Kersten & Kim Crockett


Promoting affordable, high quality health care.

By Peter Nelson